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Your Art, Your Way

Airbrushing art doesn't have to be an complex process, you don't have to be an genius to create a masterpiece, all artists have the ability to create wonderful pieces. Airbrush Dojo serves local artists and the community by providing them with the best tools for getting inspired and creating art. We provide classes and studio space for people to come in and develop their crafts. Find out more information and join us today.


Our Story

How We Got Here

We were founded in 2012 by Daniel Rowland, and have been located in Kansas City and Dallas, Tx ever since. Our talented staff works extremely hard to help cultivate the inner artist in all of our students and guests who come into our Art Classes. We offer workshops and classes in order to to inspire and enhance everyone’s creative spark and spirit. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun by joining us today.


What We Envision

Bringing Artists Together

At Airbrush Dojo, our mission is to create a safe, communal space for all kinds of artists - beginners to professionals - to come together and express their creative sides. We believe in unlocking the creative within each and every one of us, and offer a wide range of classes for all students. Whether you’re a professional looking for new inspiration, a brand new student hoping to learn a thing or two about art, or if you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, Airbrush Dojo is here to welcome you into the fold.


Our Values

A Home for Artists

Artists need a space to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. At Airbrush Dojo, we understand this well, which is why we provide this space for our guests. All artistic expression is allowed in this magical Art Classes where people come and create their art freely. All ages and levels are welcome, so please stop by today!



We offer various classes in different mediums that are available for all levels. Now is the perfect time to get started! Learn more about our classes below to find one that fits what you’re looking for.

Basic Techniques

Get your hands dirty with a fun and interactive Basic Techniques class today. All students love Color Theory and feel extremely accomplished after leaving. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor.

Wearable Art

I believe that everyone can be a modern Picasso, that is why you should give Wearable Art Class  a shot. All of our classes focus on the process, rather than the end result of art. Here, we consider that each piece of art created is an honest masterpiece. Call us today to find out more. Spaces are limited, so it’s best to act fast!


Get in Touch

1600 Jones Dr, Arlington, Tx 76013


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